Posted by: ppernick | January 16, 2006

The circle of life

Every once in awhile I go back through previous posts and see if anybody has posted comments.  Last week, I discovered some bogus comments from Casino sites and Ari showed me how to delete them.  However, I also discovered a new legit comment.  Seems Mike Massing’s father found his way to my blog last month and read my posts about Mike.  This made me reread my posts and check Eblo’s blog and memorial page for any new posts…
*sigh* I think my last post about Mike included the hope I would visit or contact his family when I went to Chicago last summer.  Yet again I failed to do this.  Now that I have Simeon I’m not even sure when I’ll have the opportunity to get back to Chicago.  So below is the email I will send to Mr. Massing – an email that should have gone out almost 2 years ago.  If any other Massing family member happens to stumble onto this site, this note is for you too:
“Mr. Massing, 
I was deeply saddened when I heard of Mike’s death and I wish I had had the courage to contact you sooner to convey my condolences.  Mike was an amazing person with a heart of gold and I know that my life at U of I would have been a lot more difficult to handle if it wasn’t for his friendship.   Even today, every once in awhile I can feel my eyes fill with tears when something reminds me of him.  So, as late they are, please accept my condolences in his passing.  But not only that, please accept my thanks and gratitude – thank you for bringing him into this world to begin with.  As painful as it sometimes is to remember he’s no longer physically with us, I’d rather have those memories than to have never known and felt his love.”
Simeon Stuff
And now some happier thoughts from the other end of the lifecycle.  This weekend Ari, my mother-in-law, Simeon and I had a playdate with Deb, Sam and Jacob.  The boys are soooo cute!  We took pictures and will hopefully update our photo albums with 2006 pictures soon.  Jacob is getting so big.  Apparently he doesn’t like laying on his back now that he knows the joys of sitting up.  And Simeon now understands the downside to having long hair around slightly older kids who have the motor skills to grab and pull.  The evening was quite enjoyable and Deb and Sam have even loaned us a motorized swing that Jacob is too big for (and bored with).  Thank you!  This will make dinner time so much easier and a wonderful thing to use while he’s recovering from his surgery.

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