Posted by: ppernick | January 11, 2006

Resolution #1…

I should be going to sleep…Simeon’s finally out, it’s just past midnight and I’m headed back to work tomorrow.  But what am I doing?  Sitting in front of the computer.  At least I’m fulfilling one of my resolutions and not just watching tv. 
*sigh*  I have heard over and over that it’s difficult to go back.  While I didn’t doubt this, I didn’t realize just how difficult it may be.  I have no doubt he’ll be in good hands with Grandma, but I think back to the first time I left him home with daddy for 4.5 hours while I ran some errands…tomorrow it’ll be 9 hours.
Simeon Stuff
Simeon rolled over today!  When we took Simeon in for his 2 week wellness visit with the pediatrician he miraculously rolled over in front of the doctor, who commented “Wow…won’t see that again for another 3 months.”  So, when he rolled over twice again two days later (again in a doctor’s office but with no witnesses), we started wondering how much a fluke this was.  Two days later, he did it yet again – with a witness – and I wanted to admit it was a fluke again, but the motherly instinct wanted to brag about my highly advanced child prodigy.  Eventually I reluctantly convinced myself he managed to incidentally roll over with the help of disporportionate head to body size and relatively good neck control.  He sort of rolled over a couple weeks after that in Florida, but that was it…until yesterday.  Monday night, I did tummy time on his activity gym mat and he eventually managed to roll over, though I think I helped a tiny bit.  Tuesday afternoon, with absolutely no help from mommy after putting him onto his tummy, he rolled over again.  This time Grandma Pernick actually witnessed the feat too.  Given that he’s almost 12 weeks, I’m thinking there’s a better chance this is advanced neck and muscle control over fluke.  Go, Simeon! (Just don’t go too fast…I’m not quite ready for the next step in child-proofing the house.)

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