Posted by: ppernick | August 3, 2004

Review Day

My performance review is in just over an hour.  Not sure what to expect.  For most of last year, I reported to an out-of-state manager – tho the team lead was in the office and I have no doubt provided feedback for the team members’ reviews.  This will be my first and last review with this lady.  She wasn’t my manager at this time last year (or maybe I was just transitioning to her team) and she is no longer my boss as of a month and a half ago.  She is extremely nice and I do hope to continue working with her, but it is very difficult to be a long-distance manager.  In the past 9 months that I’ve worked under her, I’ve had one one-on-one with her.  I never really established any goals under her other than needing to figure out what kind of work I was interested in doing.  She knew I wasn’t thrilled with the data analysis reports, but she also needed me on her team.  And, as I expect of a good manager, she recently helped open a door for me – pointing me to a new position that is a better match for my skills and interests, and a future in which I’m excited to explore.  I recently met with my new boss and established goals for the future…in an hour, I’ll meet with my last boss, review my past.   


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