Posted by: ppernick | August 5, 2004

Post Performance Review

My review the other day wasn’t much of a shocker.  I was hoping for slightly better and definately hoping for a bit more of a raise, but all-in-all it was a good average review.  My review was much shorter than the other team members, but that’s understandable given that I had no need to talk about future goals – I’m not only off her team, I’m in a different company department.  It was nice to hear some of the positive feedback from other’s.  I was told that feedback was requested from the team lead, the dev lead, and my new boss.  Plus, it was really nice to hear that the client I dealt with made a point to call my last boss after a conversation with me to say what a great asset I was to the account.

After my review, I talked with my current boss to go over a couple of issues we had talked about previously.  I received what I pretty much expected…the company will pay/reimburse me 100% to take a series of testing methodology series at BCC, and we’ll reevaluate my position in 6 months to determine if my salary matches the knowledge and experience I demonstrate within that period.  Here goes to putting in the 110% percent effort I should have been doing for the last few years and just haven’t felt motivated to perform…

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