Posted by: ppernick | March 21, 2013

Not as bad as I feared…

Below is a post that I wrote back in March that I apparently never published…I figure I wrote it, may as well post it.


I will admit I was quite nervous about child number 3.  Many days I felt I could barely control two kids…and now I was adding another?  And then I would remember how it was when Sister was born, with Big Brother climbing all over me.  “Really?  You want to do that all over again?!” I would ask myself.

Then, I babysat my niece for a weekend before Little Brother was born, and saw how Ari and I could divide and conqour.  One would take two kids and the other would take one…and it wasn’t as impossible as my mind was making it.  I was still quite nervous, though.  One weekend with a one-year old is very different than daily.

But as we settle into life with three kids, I find it is not nearly as bad as my imagination was leading me to believe.

Part of it is Little Brother’s personality.  Just as with the others, he’s pretty mellow and happy – only crying when he needs to inform us of a specific problem.  We are also pretty lucky that he very quickly settled into a nightly bedtime and final morning wakeup time, which coincidentally is the same time as the older kids (woot!!).  And infancy is, in my opinion, easier than toddlerdom – they can’t move, they don’t have much in the way of opinions and they aren’t testing your breaking point.

Part of it also is the age of the older kids.  When Sister was born, Big Brother was just over 2.  He was in pullups, or maybe even diapers still.  He still needed help getting dressed.  In general he was not very independent.  But now, Big Brother is 7 and Sister is 5…it may take a few dozen times of telling them to go do something, but they will eventually do it and they can do it without hand holding.  They also love having a little brother and want to help.  I can’t tell you how helpful it is to be able to ask them to entertain Little Brother so he will stop crying and I can I get something done.  As soon as Big Brother or Sister show up and start playing with him, he gets a big smile on his face — even if sometimes it doesn’t last very long.  And Big Brother is still interested in helping with diaper changes, so eventually I may even be able to hand that job to him sometimes.

Am I getting a lot of sleep?  No. [1]

Are there days where Little Brother can’t be satisfied? Sure.

But this time around it’s just easier…so far.  With older kids, it’s like having a first born again but knowing what to do.  It’s not as scary to take all the kids out by myself as it was with one and two.  And when Little Brother cries, I’m pretty good and figuring out which problem from the checklist to try solving first.

There won’t be a fourth (much to the dismay of my daughter who would love a little sister), but I am definitely comfortable with three.  Though ask me again a year from now…

[1] Often I fall asleep waiting for Caitlyn to run out of excuses for leaving her bed or wanting us in her room. But when I wake in the middle of the night, I have lunches to prep, a baby boy to feed, and a snoring husband to tune out[2], sometimes even some work to get done.  I am still getting more sleep than the last two months of my pregnancy though…

[2] After talking with other moms at birthday parties, I’m finding the snoring husband is quite a common problem.

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