Posted by: ppernick | August 10, 2010

Potty Training

I’ve been remiss in posting … again…. 😦

When last I posted, we were dealing with bedtime and pacifier issues.  Thankfully, the pacifier removal was pretty quick – less than 2 weeks and it was forgotten.  Unfortunately, bedtime continues to be exhausting.  Finding ways to get her to relax and calm down for bedtime is difficult and I’ve finally resorted to putting the baby gate up to keep her from leaving her room.  I got excited too early when I didn’t need to use it a couple days into the tactic.  *sigh*

The new thing to get excited about though is potty training.  Last week, the teachers at school decided to use my trick of making her count to 10 before getting off the potty.  Sure enough, keeping her on a little longer produced results.  That day she wound up going 3 times on the potty and it’s been constant since then.  Dry or wet, we’re onto day 5 in a row of peeing in the potty.  Last night at dinner, she even told me she needed to go to the potty and when we got there not only did she pee, but she had a dry diaper!  And today she was wet only once.  Next is pooping and then…woot!

Simeon is being a great supporter of Caitlyn’s potty training effort.  Today, when we went into her classroom, he immediatly walked over to the board and was excited for her when he saw she went potty all 3 or 4 times.  On our way out of the parking lot he said “Oh. My. Goodness. You went potty four times today!  I’m so proud of you!”


  1. That is so adorable that Simeon said that!

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