Posted by: ppernick | May 13, 2010

Creative Writing

This morning I was talking to Simeon about what he wanted to take for show-and-tell today.  The letter for the week was U and I had initially figured he would want to take his umbrella.  When he said he wanted to tell a story, I started looking on his shelf for a book that had a word starting with U in the title.  When I discovered that he wanted to tell his own story about the letter U, I asked him to tell me the story.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember it word for word, but the gist of it was that there were four letter Us and one-by-one they left.  I remember that the first one went underwater, another one got on a boat, and the last one was eaten by a shark.  He commented that it was a scary story, to which I concurred.

A little later, he changed his mind and decided he was instead going to sing a song.  This one was definitely memorable…enough that I had it stuck in my head all morning…

U is for Unicorn…Unicorn…Unicorn. U is for unicorn, U…U…U.
U is for Umbrella…Umbrellla…Umbrella.  U is for Umbrella. U…U…U.
U is for Up….Up…Up. U is for Up.  Up…Up…Up.
U is for Underground…Underground…Underground.  U is for Underground.  U…U…U.

The rest of the song is just repetition of one of those versus.  Most often unicorn or umbrella.  And I admit I suggested underground, but he definitely kept it going.

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