Posted by: ppernick | April 30, 2010

Naming a Cow

For the last couple months, I’ve been consistently driving the backroads to get to work instead of the interstate[1].  The scenery is nicer.  It’s only an extra 5 minutes. And, the main reason, the kids love seeing the farm animals we pass[2].  Every morning, before I even reach the interstate entrace I have to at least drive past, Caitlyn is asking ‘Cow?  Cow?'[3]

There are 3 main points along the way where we see animals.  First is a large field in which there is a beautiful white horse, two donkeys, some llamas/alpacas and a couple brown calfs.  Next is a farm yard with one big grayish brown cow.  And finally, a few horses at a stable which I really need to consider as a place to take the kids horseback riding some time.

While there are times we don’t actually get to see the animals at the first field and the stables, we can always count on the Big grayish cow.  Sometimes it’s under a shelter, sometimes its grazing hay towards the back of the field, but it’s always in eye view (or at least it’s tail is). 

So, today, I decided we should name it.  When I asked what its name should be, Simeon responded:Simeon feeding llamas at the Cougar Mountain zoo

“Cows give us milk, right?”
“Then it should be Milk.”
“So, you want to name it Milk?”
“Ok. From now on, we’ll call it Milk.”
“Yay! I got it right!”

[1] The first time I ever went this way on a semi-regular basis, I was making this into a Dora pattern for Simeon.  Our personal Dora episode was to go over the snowy mountain, go past the animals and then we get to school!

[2] And, I have to admit, I do too.

[3]Just about any farm animal is considered a cow right now.  If you correct her, she’ll repeat what you say, but otherwise everything is a cow.

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