Posted by: ppernick | July 30, 2008



Woohoo!  Simeon seems to have already figured out the idea of distraction.  At least I hope this wasn’t a fluke. 

simeonlaptopThis past weekend, we did a toy exchange.  We took the toy box upstairs to the playroom and chose new toys for downstairs. One of the toys he hasn’t seen for awhile is his laptop.

This evening, Simeon noticed Caitlyn playing with the laptop.  I expected him to say ‘mine!’ and then take it from her.  Instead, he surprised me. 

Rather than just taking the laptop, he first got her interested in another toy.  Not only did he put the toy in front of her, but he actively tried to get her interested in the toy by playing music and putting her hand on it.

I am so happy he’s such a good big brother.  Here’s hoping that he continues to do this when she is mobile and coordinated enough to get in his way and play with his toys more often.

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