Posted by: ppernick | April 15, 2008

Can anything else go wrong today?

Er…well…the answer to that is yes.  So, the appropriate question is ‘What else can go wrong today?’

Day started at 3am when Caitlyn woke up hungry.  Since she was still in her dress from Sunday, I decided to change her to appropriate bedtime clothing along with changing her diaper before feeding her.  She had a dirty diaper, but I didn’t realize how loose until I felt it on my hand.  After finding some paper towels and cleaning up, I discover she has since gotten her onesie wet.  In the meantime, she’s crying so much that Ari wakes up and I’m worried (though I don’t need to be) that Simeon will wake up too.

6am-ish:  I wake up and look at the clock.  It says 6:01 and I immediately wake Ari.  Alarm wasn’t set.  He quickly dresses and runs downstairs only to discover all the other clocks say 6:45am.  He’s missed his bus.

The rest of the morning at home:  Simeon isn’t listening to me AT ALL and winds up in timeout twice before we leave for daycare.  Also before leaving the house I discover his ball (which is practically the only toy he plays with in the backyard) is completely deflated – I quickly find the hole.

I know something else happened before I walked into my office for work, but it has since escaped me.  So, I was asking the above question as I went up the elevator.

Oh…right…that would be it…it was my first day back to work from maternity leave.  *sigh*

Thankfully the rest of the day was busy but much better.

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