Posted by: ppernick | January 30, 2008

The long day of Monday, January 28th 2008

Monday morning was pretty nasty out and Ari’s bus wasn’t running.  Since both Ari and I had interviews to conduct, Simeon and I took Ari to work before heading south.  I was really happy when I pulled up to the daycare and saw it was before 8am, which meant that Simeon should be there in time for breakfast.  However, as we walked towards the building, another mom from Simeon’s class noted that the daycare wasn’t opening until 10am.  So, we headed up to my office until then.

Simeon was an angel.  He played with what few items could be considered toys in my office.  He helped me finish a collage of family pictures for his daycare class.  He quietly ate snack during a short daily meeting.  And it wasn’t until after the meeting and close to 10am that he was starting to get a little restless and want to get at my computer.

I then picked Simeon up early from the daycare so we could get Ari, stop at costco, and get home before it was dark and the streets turned icy.  However, by the time we got home, I’d been in the car for about an hour and had to run to the bathroom – at which point I wasn’t sure if my water had broken or not.  Ari called the hospital while I went upstairs to finish packing.

CIMG3516Neither one of us really thought this was anything more than a false alarm, though we did spend the entire car ride talking about baby names.  At the hospital, after getting checked out, the doctor on call (Dr. C) was pretty much ready to send us home but had a call into my doctor (Dr. L) for his assessment.  After some time and not hearing back from Dr. L, Dr. C decided to check me one more time before sending me home.  Good thing too – we probably would have gotten close to home and then had to turn back around again.  Instead, Dr. C went from saying "if you were my patient I’d send you home." to "if you were my patient I’d keep you here".

Luckily our friend C was available to watch Simeon for us.  Once we realized we weren’t going home without a second child, C took Simeon back to our house and spent the night.  By 9:30, Ari and I were heading for the OR.  And then at 10:10pm on January 28th our new little girl arrived into the world – 6 lbs 3oz, 18.25 inches.

Finally, this morning Ari and I chose a name.

Welcome to the world little Caitlyn Arwen Pernick.  Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother are mighty happy you’re here.

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