Posted by: ppernick | October 24, 2007

What time is it?

The setting:  Thursday a big wind storm hits and knocks out the power for about an hour sometime in the morning while everybody is out of the house.  Thursday night / Friday morning, I wake up almost hourly because Simeon is having a fitful night.  Friday morning, Ari and I wake up to the sound of Simeon crying and Ari brings him into bed with us.

At some point, Ari wakes me…”We have 10 minutes!” 

I look at the clock…5:47.  If we’re going to stop by the coffee shop before dropping Ari off for his 6:20 bus, we have to get out of here in about 10 minutes.  I get up as quick as my tired body allows and start getting dressed.  Ari takes Simeon downstairs.

For most of the week, my mom (and usually my brother) have been awake and downstairs by the time I get there and I just leave Simeon with them.  This morning, I get downstairs and nobody else seems to be up.  I know my dad told me to wake them if necessary, but I hate to do that.  Out of habit, I glance at the microwave and stove clocks…huh, I thought I adjusted those correctly. I turn to Ari, “Let me see if my parents are up.”  As Ari rushes to finish getting ready, I head back upstairs and feebly knock on my parents’ door.  No answer (not surprising since I didn’t try very hard).  I get back downstairs.  “They’re not answering.  Go ahead and get him in the car, I need to run to the bathroom first.”

As I head towards the bathroom, I glance at the cable box.  12-something…I’m sure that was 5 hours off.

Something is nagging at me, so I glance at the cordless phone clock before heading out the door.  4:55am.  I look again at the microwave and stove – 5:03…I am really sure I adjusted those correctly.  I look at the wall clock…just after 5.  I look at the cable box – 12:03…that was definitely 5 hours off.  Blink a couple times and take one last look at the phone clock again.  Grrr….


After buckling Simeon into the car, Ari turns the car on to get some heat going.  Clock comes on – 5:04…Good, we have time to stop for coffee…  Wait…5:04?!  Oops.

I step into the garage.  “Um…Ari?” 

Ari looks up from the carseat with a sheepish grin.  “It’s only 5 o’clock.  I didn’t reset the bedroom clock.” 

“Yeah…I’ll see you inside.”

Not long after getting settled back in the house in front of the fire, my mom comes down.  Eventually, it’s time to go. My dad is nice enough to drive Ari to the bus and Simeon and I manage to get “another” couple hours of sleep.


  1. How horrible! I did something similar once… woke up, looked at the clock wrong, got to work waaaaaaaaay early and no one else was even there yet. All I wanted to do was go back home and crawl back in bed!

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