Posted by: ppernick | March 22, 2007


Random blog title for a bunch of random thoughts.  Here’s hoping this a decent update having been so long since my last post.  I will work on posting more often… 

I thought we were getting the latest photos up, but they seem to not be there.  Once they’re up I can show the new table we bought for Simeon.  He’s now sitting a table for meals rather than in a high chair.  Getting to be a big boy.

Within the last month and a half at least 2 molars have come in.  I can never see his bottom teeth, but I have seen 2 molars on the top.

Work is plugging along.  Been quite busy recently and I’ve been working a few nights.  Waiting for more QA resources, but with everybody so busy and the need to clarify how the QA team should be organized, it seems to get pushed.  Nothing new – unfortunately.

Last weekend we had plans to go on a bike ride with Simeon.  On Saturday we stopped by the house of a friend’s brother to pick up a trailer only to find that we couldn’t collapse it to fit in the car.  So, rather than biking on Sunday, we spent time researching and buying a new trailer.  At least this one fits in the car and should last quite awhile. 

We at least didn’t let the day go to waste.  Especially with the one nice day of weather.  There’s a mountain with a load of trails about 10 minutes from the house.  We chose a 2.5 mile hike with 600 feet of elevation gain.  More of a workout than I expected – Simeon has gained quite a lot of weight since our last hike.  Ari carried him the way up, I carried him the way down.  My legs felt it the next day – though luckily not too much.

Speaking of weather. Tuesday was supposed to be the first day of spring.  Spring means sun and sprinkles, but that’s not what I came home to Tuesday night.  First I saw the trees along I-90 – covered with snow but only rain hitting the windshield.  The closer to home I got the thicker the rain became.  By the time I was parking in the garage big, fat snowflakes were falling and anything green had a layer of snow. 

Anyway.  Time to get back to things.  New pictures should be up soon.  I’ll make a note when they’re there.

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