Posted by: ppernick | January 6, 2007


I seem to have kept pretty low key about my vacation.  In truth, it kind of snuck up on me.  It just didn’t feel real until I was worried about being late for the plane.  We managed to get a few hours sleep and only oversleep by 15 minutes.

This vacation included a cross-country flight from Washington to Florida – 4 hour flight Seattle to Chicago and 3 hour flight Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale.  First flight was ok, but Simeon eventually wanted to be crawling around.  Ari and I took turns walking the aisles, and he eventually napped about 20 minutes.  Second flight went through turbulence most of the way and we were confined to our seats too often to do any walking – and Simeon was quite done with the lack of wandering room.  I was even turned away from the bathroom when I wanted to change a dirty diaper.

We did eventually make it to Florida though and my parents were already here to pick us up.  Ari’s parents came in this morning and after visiting with Ari’s cousin this afternoon (great to see S but unfortunately B wasn’t feeling well), and the Goldmans for dinner (all 5 of them – B&S look happy, R&S surprised us by not going to DisneyWorld and baby B is so adorable.)

And now I should be sleeping.  Tomorrow morning we board the Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship for an 8-day Carribbean cruise – woohoo!  Apparently we had to buy a full ticket for Simeon so you better believe he’s going to be eating a LOT on this trip. 🙂

I have to say the family is fabulous. The sun is superb!  The warmth is wonderful. And I am very happy.   I shall return in 8 days or so…


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