Posted by: ppernick | December 5, 2006

Simeon and the Orange Room

A week ago today, Ari and I met the teacher for the Orange Room at Simeon’s daycare (moving up from pink to orange). 

The transition we set up was:
   * Day 1: one hour
   * Day 2: an afternoon
   * Day 3: see how he does for a full day

With all the snow, we stayed at home Tuesday and Wednesday, so I figured Day 1 would start with Thursday.  However, there was some confusion when I discovered his name was no longer on the pink room sign-in sheet.  We decided he would go over to the orange room – at least until another teacher came into the pink room.  He wound up staying most of the day.  He lasted the full day on Day 2, though he did get a bit upset when he looked into the pink room a couple times.  It’ll be interesting to see how he did today.

I’m not totally surprised at how quickly he’s taken to the new room – mostly because he knows a bunch of the kids in there already having played with them in the pink room.  It was still a cute shocker, however, at his lack of reluctance to go run and play.  Day 1, it took me no more than 2 minutes to turn around and get some diapers for the orange room and he was off and playing before I turned around again.  On Day 2, he hugged my legs as I was heading back to the door, but it was a simple goodbye – he let go and turned around to play with the table of water without me taking a step.  Similar behavior this morning – hug my legs when he sees me heading for the door, but ready to play before I actually leave. 

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