Posted by: ppernick | October 10, 2006



This past Sunday, with Ari’s mom and her friend in town, we had the first of two birthday parties for Simeon.  We handed the camera off to a friend and he went wild.

One of the first things I decided about the party was that the party was really for the adults, so I did minimal decorations and got a cake that Ari and I would like – ICE CREAM CAKE :).  Since the birthday boy was starting to get a little cranky (happens when he refuses to take a morning nap), we sang happy birthday when almost everybody was there.  We gave people a chance to get their cake and eat it before herding everybody into the family room for presents.

Overall, I think everybody had a good time including the birthday boy.  He got a lot of good stuff – and a couple things that the adults like just as much if not more than the kids.

Birthday Shout Out
HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!  30 Years and counting!


  1. Pic link is broken 😦

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