Posted by: ppernick | March 1, 2006


Not much going on for me right now…not that I can really think of…

My office now has a new phone system in place and one of the nice things that go along with that is the ability to manage voicemail and such via a relatively nice GUI.  It’s not extremely pretty, but it is easy to use.  I also took advantage of this opportunity to get my new phone mounted on the wall next to me.  Now, I can actually see who’s calling.

Tegan Time
The amusement factor still hasn’t worn off.  The last few times I’ve given Simeon a bath, Tegan is right there – not only to oversee, but to help.  At least last night she managed to prewash his hair rather than find the spots I missed.  It’s so cute to see Tegan be so motherly.  The other night, after starting the bath water, I needed to run to Simeon’s room to grab clothes and a diaper.   I turned to Tegan, who was nearby and said “Tegan, watch him for me.”  That said, she got up, moved closer to him and just stared at him.  When I got back, she was sitting at his feet.  How cute is that?!

Simeon Stuff
What’s new with Simeon?  He’s starting to realize the potential of his vocal chords.  He has started squealing with much more gusto – and right into daddy’s ear too. For anybody interested, we’ve updated our website with links to the newest pictures.

1001 Days
I’ve managed a couple things on my list, and Ari seems to have done a couple things for me.  I do need to find a better way to update my list, but until then I’ll just modify the original and link to the entry.

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