Posted by: ppernick | February 9, 2006

I'm back

I’m getting behind…I know.  So let’s see…

The parent exchange was this past weekend.  Ari’s mom went back to Virginia and my momm came in for the week.  Next week, Ari starts his paternity leave – yay!

Superbowl Sunday came and went.  Turned out we weren’t hosting anybody, so I sent Ari off to hang out with friends.  Just as half-time was finishing, Mike Khalili came over.  I had seen him online and offered him a nice HD picture of the game.  He was kind enough to bring dinner for us.

Started back to work on Tuesday (well, started going back to the office…I was working from home).  TJ – our network admin – has been kind to me and is letting me hold onto the laptop until it is needed.  It has been wonderful having it – I can actually feed Simeon and get work done at the same time, which I couldn’t do if I was having to sit at the desk in the office.  Definitely have a lot to do at work and I discovered this week that my officemate (my QA cohort) has decided to switch to development full time.  They started stealing her while I was on maternity leave and she didn’t want to switch until I was back at work. I’m happy for her…she’s been wanting this and the opportunity showed itself.  Granted that makes my job harder – at least for the short term.

Now it’s time to continue with work.  A lot of sites to test and starting in a couple weeks it’s just me.

Tegan Time
Tegan definitely got used to having my mother-in-law around.  When she first arrived, Tegan was having a bad reaction to some medication and wasn’t eating.  So, partly for that and partly just because (I’m sure) Tegan was getting quite a few treats each day.  She’s still going to the corner where she was getting treats and waiting for more.  Eventually she will get back to the old routine of treats after medicine.

Simeon Stuff
Monday was Simeon’s post hospital checkup.  He’s recovering quite nicely – most of the redness from the incision is gone and it’s looking more like a scar.  He’s definitely got more energy – especially at bathtime when he’s so excited to be in the tub and he’s just splashing away.  I think he’s starting to get back to a schedule.  We had been getting him down for the night by 9pm, but I decided to go back to the schedule he initially had and it’s been much easier putting him to sleep around 10 – 10:30.  So the bedtime routine is at 9pm until we can feel safe moving it up again.  Though I may keep it here.  9pm means I get a few hours with him after I get home and 11 – 11:30 is a good bedtime for me.  The last two nights he’s woken at 1am and 4am…not a bad start to a new schedule.

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