Posted by: ppernick | July 21, 2004


Finally tried a pizza place today that I’ve been meaning to check out for sometime.  It’s called Pizza Schmizza and it’s actually pretty good. I had a cheese pizza (ingredients:  Mozzarella, Jack, Provalone, Romano & Parmesan) and I’m about to eat their dipsticks.  Definately have to go back and see if they’re just as good the second time around.

On the way back to the office, I heard a Black Eyed Peas song on the radio.  On the album (which I own) the song is “Get Retarded”.  However, that must not be PC enough for top-40 radio because the lyrics were “Get Started”.  This is the second song (maybe third) they’ve made changes to in order to get radio time.  Just caught my attention…

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