Posted by: ppernick | April 26, 2004

Overdue Update

Well, I thought it had been awhile last time I updated this blog, and it seems i’m a bit later if this is turning into a monthly thing.

Puzzlehunt – wasn’t as fun as past years because the puzzles were much more difficult and we didn’t really start solving any until 20 hours into it.  And I was a bit disappointed in the clues.  But, I’m still looking forward to the next one.  Must remember to practice more cryptic-crosswords.

Softball – Starting getting some practice in and I have a full team of 14 registered to play before the start of the season, so I’m pretty happy.  With the most obnoxious team and last year’s championship winners moving up a division, I think we’ll do pretty good this year.  I’ll be really happy if we manage to sign up a 6th female – I have no doubts that there will come a weekend when 3 women will be gone, leaving us with 2 women to play (thus an auto-out in the line up).  We’ve played short-handed – and won – but I really don’t like playing that way.

Exercising – I haven’t done much biking recently, but Ari is really becoming the enthusiast.  Did 85 miles over the weekend a couple weeks ago, and would have biked around Lake Washington this past weekend if his back tire hadn’t gone flat halfway through.  I really need to start going to the pro club, so maybe Ari and I can work a schedule out – Ari tried Abs and Cardio Kickboxing classes last week, so that could be interesting.  And maybe Yoga would be worth it.  I might talk to Stephanie, too.  I’d be happy to start biking with Stephanie since I feel I slow Ari down too much now.  And we did talk about swimming at one point this past winter.

Well…time to get back to work and, if I have time, look into News and Comics again.  Been awhile.

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