Posted by: ppernick | June 8, 2012

Sometimes you just have to brag about your kids

Yesterday, my son’s class held a breakfast for parents and family (so Caitlyn happily joined us) and the students were the servers.  Simeon mentioned he needed to wear a button-down shirt, a tie and nice pants, so I helped him find everything and we set out his clothes the night before.  Thursday morning, he showed up in my room half dressed and asking for help with his shirt and tie.  I have to say, the boy looked good in those nice clothes.

Upon arrival at school, Simeon directed us to a table and brought over plates and napkins.  Then, one-by-one, he took our orders and got us our food and juice.

At some point, the Headmaster, Dr. F, arrived.  Before I could suggest to Simeon he help her, he came over saying he was looking for Dr. F.  We pointed him in the right direction and watched as he showed her to a chair that was pulled aside just for her.  Before long, Ari had taken Caitlyn to her class and it was time for us to get to work.  We said our goodbyes and I watched as Simeon, who had already made sure everybody else had food but hadn’t eaten anything himself, grabbed the last donut for himself and take an open seat next to Dr. F.

I was extremely proud of how Simeon looked and behaved at the breakfast while we were there, but when I received the following email from his teacher last night, I immediately knew I couldn’t keep it to myself:

Dear Ari and Pamela,

Just want to let you know that Dr.F.  and I were so impressed with how Simeon tried everything in the book when it came to being a good server! And the way he dressed up, thank you for having him do that, it was so sweet that he actually took my suggestion and dressed to impressed! He was so amazing, he kept his eyes on the clock, and said “Ms.W., its almost ten, so I am going to start cleaning up,” as he gathered dirty paper plates on the tables to carry to the trash. I was watching in awe, and he walked to Dr.F. and said “Dr.F., it is time to go!, and she said “Can I finish my coffee first?”, and Simeon responded “well, you can finish it on your way out!” At that point Dr. F. who was already in love with him for taking care of her, couldn’t help but shared a big laugh with all of us! way too funny…I love him! Can I keep him in Mezzo another year?

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