Posted by: ppernick | July 31, 2009

Hanging my head in shame

Waaaay too long since my last post.  Too long to really attempt to do a full update.  So let’s just say that the kids are doing wonderfully and life is continuing along.

Caitlyn is 18 months and showing her personality and stubbornness.  She had an absolute fit at the restaurant when we tried to help hold the cup of apple juice for her to drink and again when trying to help her with soup. As soon as I dropped the spoon, she calmed down…though she still tried to push away my hands as i attempted to hold the bowl still and close.

And Simeon continues to make me proud.  After dinner, we walked down a few doors to Starbucks for a bit. As we were leaving my 3.5 year old son looked at the next door over and (with no prompting) read "dinner to go". He missed the ‘s’ on dinners, but dang…read the words with no context to go from at all.

And on other family news, I need to shout a big MAZEL TOV! to my cousin Paula who is engaged to be married in just a few weeks.  Couldn’t happen to a sweeter person. 

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