Posted by: ppernick | February 25, 2009


Quite behind…again.  Let’s see…

Caitlyn’s Corner
She’s officially one year old as of a couple weeks ago.  Being only one, she didn’t have many requests for birthday happenings, so we combined it with a superbowl party and celebrated the birthday during halftime.  It’s amazing how big she’s getting and how close she is to walking.  She does realize she goes much faster on hands and knees though, so if you convince her stand she immediately falls to her butt and starts crawling if she wants to go anywhere else.

Had her 1 year wellness check about a week ago.  All is good.  She’s tiny in head circumference and weight (5th percentile) and average in height (50%).  Other than being tiny, she’s looking good.  I’m still trying to get used to this doctor though.  I really liked the pediatrician we were using when she was born, but the doctor moved out of state.  This doctor is good at what he does but his bedside manner doesn’t compare.

She’s so close to walking.  The daycare noted they saw her take 3 steps yesterday.  And I think we managed to see one step over the weekend.  In some ways I hope she starts walking because it will slow her down.

She’s also waving and saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ and kinda blowing kisses.  Cute!

Simeon Stuff
His speech is getting more and more clear, which is wonderful.  Unfortunately, what’s really getting clear is the fact that he’s three years old and has his own desires.  In order to get him to do anything we generally have to make it a race or tell him not to do it.  Hopefully that will work for awhile.

He’s generally very sweet with his sister and it’s fun to watch their interactions.  Recently he’s been reaching out to her in the car and holding her hand.

He’s definitely a smart kid.  He knows his numbers (counting and recognizing 0 to 30 and 20 to 0), his letters, shapes, colors, and more.  Recommended by my sister-in-law, I got him Hullabaloo and he loves it.  Does a great job following instructions.  He has amazing hand-eye coordination too – using the mouse, playing soccer…he can even consistently hit a ball when thrown (versus from a t-stand).

What we do need to work on is fine motor skills.  We’re not sure if it’s motivation or muscle development, but he gets frustrated very quickly when he can’t do something and the meltdown makes it even harder.  My next ‘project’ is to build a geo board and we can work on stretching rubber bands.

Last but not least is potty training.  Saturday was a bit difficult and he had accident after accident.  However, he is getting better and starting to let us know before he has to pee.  On the way to daycare/work this morning, he said he had to pee.  I should have just pulled over to the shoulder and been done.  Instead, I got off the next exit, drove down the street and stopped in a Lowe’s parking lot.  I couldn’t believe his pants were still dry.  I quickly jumped out, got him out of the car, pulled down his pants and had him go right there.  He probably wouldn’t have made it if I had to lug 25-30lbs of baby and carseat into a store then try to figure out where there bathroom was (probably all the way in the back of the opposite side of the store).  I was really surprised when we got to daycare and as I was signing him in, noticed he was holding his pants.  The teacher commented that he did indeed have to go again as I was walking out the door.

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