Posted by: ppernick | January 29, 2009

Trip Highlights Continued

The ending of our journey was not as uneventful as I had hoped.

After a 7 hour stay at the airport, our flight took off an hour late.  Only Ari still held a glimmer of hope that we could make our connection.  When we touched down, we learned that our connection had been delayed as well and hadn’t actually left yet.  Glimmer of hope spreads.  Ari’s brother, managed to get out pretty quickly in hopes of holding the flight.  Caitlyn and I followed quickly behind.  As I get out, Ian points across the hall, “that’s our flight’”.  Literally across the hall is the flight to Seattle.  Gate completely closed and the electronic sign notes the departure at 9:55.  I look at the clock – 9:50.  After R has joined me, I notice the departure time has changed to 10:00.  Then, after Simeon and Ari arrive, it’s pushed back to 10:05.  Finally, the airline mercifully stops showing the continuing delay.

Meanwhile, Ian has been standing in line to find out where we’re spending the night.  Ari heads over to the counter to join him while Simeon happily plays with a little girl his age.  When the guys return we see we are set to stay at the Wellesley Inn.  Well, everybody except Simeon who has apparently been set up in a different hotel.

Next morning, we wake up bright and early to catch the shuttle and try to get seats on the 8:30 flight.  Thankfully there is nothing exciting about this last leg back home.  Lack of sleep and overall frustration has left me with no patience, but otherwise we get home around 1pm and that is that.  It was a rough night back home for both kids, but last night they were back to normal routine and happy.  Thank goodness.

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