Posted by: ppernick | January 28, 2009

A ‘blocking’ issue

Getting a call from the daycare generally means one of two things: a quick followup to a morning discussion or come pick up your kid.  Not having had any questions the morning of Jan 8, I was a bit nervous when I saw the daycare number show up on my cell phone after setting up my laptop.  Unfortunately, it was the latter. More specifically “Your son was hit in the head with a block.  As a parent I would take my child to the doctor for potential stitches so could you come and take a look.”

I immediately pack back up my laptop and find my boss to give him a scrum update. For those unfamiliar with scrum, it’s a very quick daily update meeting.  Each person with an update has three questions to answer: what did you do last 24 hours?  What will you do the next 24 hours? Any blocking issues?  The entire meeting shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. 

I gave my boss my last 24 and next 24 and ran off.  Seems my co-worker finished my update for me at the meeting.  Any blocking issues? Yes, a block.

As for the rest of the head injury story, Simeon was just fine.  He did wind up with a staple in his head for a few days, but he’s a tough little boy.  He was done crying by the time we got to the car and only cried again when they cleaned up the wound and stapled it.  They quickly handed him a popsicle and I gave him some orange juice and that was it.  Considering we were long past lunch and naptime and he hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, it’s no wonder he was starting to melt down.  I took him back to daycare for food and a nap and figured I’d see how he was when he woke up.  Even without any pain meds he woke up from nap a happy boy.  The only reason he’d wanted to go home rather than back to daycare was because I made the mistake of offering computer time.

Heck…the boy did better than I did.  I had to sit down twice to stop the lightheadedness and prevent getting sick.  At least I didn’t cry.

Getting the staple out was even easier.  I was quite nervous, but in the end it was nothing.  The doctor (or nurse) and I distracted him by talking about the sesame street characters on his shirt and he barely even noticed anything had happened.

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