Posted by: ppernick | December 30, 2008

Winter Sports

Seems Channukah likes to attract ugly weather.  This year, along with the huge windstorm, we got dumped on.  At this point, I can’t even remember when it started, but over the span of a week or so we were practically snowed in and forced to venture out on sled.

Unfortunately, Caitlyn didn’t have much opportunity to experience her first snowy winter because of a nasty cold.  We did, however, do our best to let Simeon have some fun.  Granted, he was more interested in playing baseball (even in the snow) than building a snow man, but we did go for a few sled rides.  Couldn’t even convince him to swing at a snowball.  I did manage to get him to sit down in the snow for a bit with his shovel and pail (note to self – need to get a good kid’s snow shovel…). Hopefully the next snowfall will allow both kids some good wet playtime.

Along with sledding, Ari and I introduced Simeon to ice skating.  We met up with D & J in Bellevue at a little ice rink.  Ari and his brother took Caitlyn across the street to the mall[1] and Simeon and I went ice skating with D & J.  J was not having much fun, spending more time on the ice than on his feet – so one time around was more than enough for him.  I may have been able to get Simeon to go around again, but I messed up.  I forgot to get Simeon into the bathroom before putting on skates and by the time we made it around he was soaked.  So the boys had a snack and played at the nearby playground while D and I talked.

I think I’m going to try and get Simeon to another ice skating rink this next weekend and actually get more than just a picture of a boy sitting on a bench with wet pants and ice skates. 

[1] How sweet is my husband?  He surprised me last night with some gifts from Lush – including a nice massage heart.

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