Posted by: ppernick | November 26, 2008

Bragging Rights

It’s always feels good when you’re given reason to brag.

It’s been a couple weeks since Simeon transitioned[1] to the green room.  The first official day that he was with the green room he managed to show off his math skills.

Every week, the kids work on a Weekly Reader sheet.  On the back is an exercise for numbers or letters. This particular week, it was counting feathers on turkeys and circling the correct answer.  His teacher made a point to tell me she was surprised at just how well he did and that he was on level with the older kids.  Yay!!

While in the red room, his teacher pointed out his tendency to go too quickly when counting. He gets so excited, he counts much higher than the actual number of objects; so we’ve been working on slowing down.  He’s doing so much better at this – as evidenced by his success on his first weekly reader in the new class.  He’s also pretty good at counting to 30.  He skips 13 and 15, and needs a hint for 20 to 21, but he otherwise can successfully count to twenty-ten.

Now, if I can only slow him down when he’s talking, maybe we’ll start to understand him better.

[1] Transitioned… The transition is usually a week long, increasing the amount of time by an hour or two a day.  K and Simeon were so excited to be moving up – their transition was a day.  They spent 4 hours in their new class the first Monday; and, by Wednesday I wasn’t even really seeing the red room teachers anymore except in passing.

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