Posted by: ppernick | November 11, 2008

Word World and Football

Tonight at bedtime, Simeon watched Word World.  The episode was about the animals trying to be cowboys and herd a cow back to the barn.

First you see Duck and Pig trying to ‘convince’ the cow to follow them back to the barn.  Soon, Bear comes over and asks what’s going on.  Duck’s response:  ‘It’s not that we’re bad at being cowboys, it’s that the cow is bad at being a cow.” 

Funny enough that Ari and I were laughing…

Also newsworthy and cute for the day, Simeon is definitely a sports boy.  He still plays with the soccer ball we got him for his birthday, he wants to play baseball (though he usually wants to play in the house and thus the stick is out of reach), and he is also quite interested in throwing his football.  Yesterday and today, as I watched a bit of a couple games, he was adorably cute.  As the teams lined up before a play, he would hold his football and crouch down.  Then he’d watch, and when the players started moving he would run around the kitchen island and back to me (or Ari) on the couch and jump into our legs.  He has a cute touchdown dance too…once the pictures/movie are off the camera I will add them here.

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