Posted by: ppernick | November 11, 2008


Caitlyn has now been going to the daycare for 2 weeks and seems to be adjusting quite well.  The first couple days everybody was commenting about ‘Simeon’s little sister’ and noting her head of hair.  Apparently Simeon’s friend, Lake, was talking about it this past weekend.

She is due for a haircut…maybe I’ll get there this weekend to trim the bangs a bit. 

She recently when in for her 9 month wellness check.  15lbs and doing well.  This girl can really eat too.  While my parents were in town, we went to Claim Jumpers for lunch.  I was offered a baby plate but had no idea that it would be as big as it was – cheese stick, roll of turkey, applesauce, oranges and maybe something else.  We didn’t realize it was turkey until Caitlyn picked it up and stuffed it in her mouth.  She does like turkey and chicken…and applesauce, banana, and just about anything else you’re willing to let her eat…and eat…and eat.  She’ll go through a couple slices of turkey and a couple ounces of applesauce in one sitting easy.

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