Posted by: ppernick | September 24, 2008

Potty steps

Looks like we’ll be going on another family cruise vacation this coming January.  Apparently there’s a group for 3 year-olds on this cruise that Simeon can join…if he’s potty trained.

Unfortunately, Simeon hasn’t shown that much interest.  He sits on the toilet at school in part because all of them do.  He sits on the toilet at home when Ari and I manage to convince him to.  We’ve tried underpants a couple times so he can feel the nastiness when he has an accident.  Absolutely nothing.  Poop…pee…doesn’t matter to him.  He’s generally to focused on his current activity to notice.

However, we do seem to have something of a breakthrough!  I had Simeon go to the potty when we got to daycare this morning and…he actually peed after sitting down! Granted I still had to change his shorts…but he did it.  And then, he managed to do this again in the evening.

Woohoo!  January might happen!

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