Posted by: ppernick | June 13, 2008

Growing Up

Simeon got a treat when we moved into the new house.  He not only graduated to a bedroom without a crib, but he also graduated from a mattress on the floor to his very own big-boy bed. 

On June 4, I picked up a twin size mattress from the store and Ari set it up when we got home.  Unfortunately, Simeon still moves around so much when he sleeps, that he couldn’t sleep in the bed the first night because we hadn’t yet brought over the bed railing.  However, we fixed that the very next evening.  Ari helped me set it up and as of June 5, Simeon has been sleeping in his very own big-boy bed.

He has, however already figured out how to climb out of bed.  I set a footstool next to the bed so he could climb in by himself and the last couple nights he’s figured out how to climb out as well.  In fact, I discovered him curled up in the hallway at 5:30 this morning.  No idea when he woke up or if he tried to wake us up, but I guess he was too tired to climb back in bed.

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