Posted by: ppernick | March 7, 2008

family updates

I don’t usually feel as mature as I think should be at this age, but there are definitely signs I’m growing up.  First was marriage and home ownership.  Then came Simeon.  More recently was the minivan and Caitlyn.  And now…synagogue membership.  This past weekend, Ari and I met with a guy at the synagogue to pretty much make it official.  I wonder what’s next… 

Simeon Stuff
Recently, a bunch of kids from Simeon’s daycare room moved up to the next class.  The daycare apparently thought transitioning him would be too much with a new sister and kept him back.  I wish they’d let Ari and me make that decision.  He’s now the oldest kid in his class and (IMO) definitely ready for the next challenge that the Red Room would offer.  Plus, he’s no longer with most of the kids he’s been with since starting at this daycare – I would have preferred to keep him with his friends than with his current teachers. Unfortunately, the next class is completely full (as are all the classes it seems).  I’ve spoken to the daycare staff and I’m waiting for the next opportunity for him to move up.  At least he’s now spending some time with the Red Room when classes start consolidating at the end of the day.  Last week, rather than racing past me to get his coat, he actually puts away what he’s playing with and then runs to me.

Caitlyn’s Corner
Caitlyn has recently been sleeping well at night.  She goes down between 930-10, wakes around 2am, but that’s about it until 5 or 6 and actually goes back to sleep once fed.  At first, she required sleeping in bed with us to get any sleep at night.  Last couple nights she’s actually been ok in the pack ‘n play.  Here’s hoping it isn’t just a growth spurt that’s causing this behavior.

Tegan Time and Maggie Moments
After long neglect, Ari and I (with help from Ari’s mom) got Tegan to a vet.  Results of the initial blood work prompted the vet to say she’d never seen blood this perfect in a 17 year-old cat – princess Tegan definitely has a good life for the most part.  Surgery removed a cyst on her neck and a number of bad teeth.  The animal hospital staff were quite impressed with her post-surgery recovery.  They were expecting an old, tired cat to wake up from anesthesia only to find an old, very pissed off cat ready to draw blood. :)  We’ve been attempting to keep up with her medication (specifically her eye ointment) and got her some wet cat food – easier for her to eat.  Her follow-up appointment last week was completed with a comment from the vet: "She’s like a completely different cat."  They also noted that they don’t think she’s blind in either eye as a different doctor suspected. 

I did recently discover signs of a territory dispute between cats.  Little shreds of beige rug in our bathroom point towards Maggie.  Stains appearing on the bath mat would normally be suspicious if I hadn’t caught Tegan preparing to use it as a litter box the other day.  Obviously on purpose as she immediately returned to the mat and started preparations again after I interrupted the process and carried her to her litter box…twice.

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