Posted by: ppernick | February 9, 2008

Mom of Two

I can’t say I forgot about the emotional roller coaster caused by hormones after a baby is born.  But I definitely forgot just how big of a ride it is.  On top of it, there are now extra twists and somersaults thanks to the wants and needs of a two year-old.

In some ways, I think twins would be easier than a toddler and an infant, but I’m sure anybody with twins would correct me.  Those I definitely do not envy however, are those that wind up with twins and a toddler.  I’d go crazy…I just know it.

The hardest part right now is my recovery from the c-section combined with Simeon’s desire to play with me.  He tries to climb on, over and behind me as I’m feeding Caitlyn and there isn’t much I can do to stop him.  I’m generally able to hold him back a bit, but I’m calling for reinforcements pretty quickly.

Started taking Simeon back to daycare part-time this week – hopefilly that will help some.  45 minute drive each way, but the time I get to rest is worth it.

For the most part, Simeon is relatively indifferent to having Caitlyn around.  She can’t move around too much, so she doesn’t really get in his way.  However, there have definitely been some clear moments of jealousy.  We’ve been sitting Caitlyn in a baby papasan chair when we’re not holding her.  Earlier in the week, Simeon was climbing in and asking for a particular blanket (recently received as a baby gift).  I’m afraid of what other behaviors of jealousy will surface when he realizes Caitlyn is staying for good. 

But as difficult as Simeon can be, when he wants to be good – he is adorable!

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