Posted by: ppernick | December 12, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Well, this week it’s actually been kinda nice in our area – though I know Kansas and the East Coast have recently gotten hit pretty hard.  What I’m particularly thinking of, however, is a couple weeks ago when we had our first snowstorm of the season. 

I think Simeon had something to do with it.

The evening of December 1, Ari and I were supposed to go to his holiday party.  I was actually looking forward to it.  Got my haircut, got new shoes, planned on getting my nails done, and one of Simeon’s daycare teachers was going to babysit. Then, Friday morning, I picked up a letter addressed to me when I dropped off Simeon at daycare.  The teacher was having to cancel.  Luckily, this was easily fixed by getting in touch with a mom I know in the neighborhood.  Her 14 year-old son was available.  Large family with large age differences between kids – he’s taken care of his 3 year-old brother many times.

Simeon, wasn’t ready to give up yet though.  So, he called on something a little more powerful.  Saturday early afternoon, as we were leaving the synagogue, it started to snow – big thick flakes.  If it’s snowing in Seattle, it’s a bit worrying what it’s doing in our neighborhood, so we went straight home.  Just a couple hours later, the roads were white.

I was kinda hoping to still have the babysitter come over and Ari could do dinner in our neighborhood.  After talking to the mother, we canceled that.  Turned out to be a good thing.  The three of us went out for dinner in the neighborhood.  We had planned to go down the hill near where the babysitter lives. We wound up staying closer to home when we reached the stoplight, looked towards our intended direction and saw 4 – 6 cars with blinking lights on the side of the road.  We had trouble getting back into the garage less than hour later – getting up the hill from the other set of retail or from the highway would have been impossible for us. Next car will definitely have AWD.

So…here’s hoping that Simeon doesn’t realize what’s going on this Friday night – my office party.  Greek restaurant for a nice dinner and live band.  Ari – we have restricted the rights on Simeon’s account so he can’t see my blog yet, right? 😀

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