Posted by: ppernick | August 27, 2007

Cuteness Factor

Quite a few times since Simeon was born, people comment how cute he is.  As a proud mom, I want to emphatically agree.  Instead, I usually nod, smile and say thank you.  Not sure how else to respond.  If they have a kid with them, I try to say something equally nice in return (thankfully most kids are generally pretty cute).

I do wonder if there are times people are just making a comment to be nice.  Specifically when they say something to the effect of “he is the most adorable little boy i’ve ever seen.” 

I really started questioning this at Simeon’s last cardiology appointment.  The cardiologist we started seeing when Simeon was born is retiring by year-end, so he’s no longer coming to the Bellevue location.  So, Simeon and I met the new doctor. 

She was great.

Very nice.  Very easy to talk to.  Explained things clearly without being condescending.  As much as I liked Dr. K, I will be just as happy continuing our visits with this new doctor[1].

Thing is, she made the comment: “You just may be the cutest boy ever.”

She said this in a relatively low voice.  She said this to Simeon, not me.  She said this with an intonation that made it sound like a revelation.  I wonder if she even realized she said it aloud.

I don’t think I said much of anything.  Just smiled or something. 

Then there’s the comment relayed to me by a friend. She overheard her cousin in the next room talking baby talk to the cat: “Yes you’re a handsome kitty! So cute!! Yes you are! Yes you are! Almost as cute as Simeon!”

It’s not just politeness if I’m not even there…right?

I have to admit, I’ve considered taking advantage of his cuteness and happy demeanor.  Making a little money or getting free stuff by letting him model for kids magazines or something.  This hasn’t happened yet mostly because I haven’t made the effort to obtain the necessary information. 

Now, Simeon is at a point where he has desires and the ability to expresses them.  I guess I just feel a bit guilty for wanting to put Simeon ‘to work’ before he can make the decision for himself.  As long as I don’t push him when he doesn’t want to do it there’s no reason to feel guilty though…right? 


[1] Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name.  She had just gotten married a couple weeks before the visit and the staff were still adjusting to the name change.


  1. No modeling!!!!

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