Posted by: ppernick | August 24, 2007

Lake Chelan

I meant to post about this some time ago, but I’ve gotten quite behind in my postings…

This summer, C invited us to her family lake house on Lake Chelan.  I am so glad we were able to go.  The house, the lake, the weather, the clear night sky…everything was just gorgeous. 

Originally, Ari, Simeon and I were going to show up at the lake Thursday evening.  But…even the best laid plans don’t always come through though. 

First was Ari’s work.  Some big off-site event was happening on Friday and the hype grew everyday.  Plan change – Ari would get a ride some other friends on Friday, Simeon and I head out normal time.  Then came prolonged morning sickness, which delayed laundry and packing.  In the end, Simeon and I were on the road by 8am Friday morning.

As I expected after the Oregon drive, Simeon was wonderful.  I had ideas for a couple of stops if necessary, but didn’t need them.  A book, some children’s music and a bag of grapes at his side and he was good the full 3 hours.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the company of C and some wonderfully warm weather.  After some time playing in the sand and swimming in the lake, the first couple friends joined us poolside mid-afternoon.  Ari arrived with the last couple late that night after Simeon was asleep.  We all ate a lovely pasta dinner out on the deck under the stars.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent either on the water (riding sea-doos) or in the water (lake or pool).  A bunch of the group headed out to some of the wineries Saturday afternoon. Sunday was cleaning up / doing laundry before we tried to beat the worst of the traffic back home.

All-in-all, a great weekend and something I’d love to do again.

Things of note – with respect to Simeon:

* I already knew this, but it became obvious just how much earlier we wake up in the mornings before any of our friends do.

* Before we got there, C had moved a mattress into our room for Simeon to sleep on.  My original plan was to treat it like a low crib – lay him down and throw a blanket on top of him.  He was a bit fussy when I first laid him down Friday night, but as soon as I tucked him under the covers as if he were in a big bed, a big smile formed on his face.  The realization that he got to sleep under covers the way mommy and daddy do…priceless!

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