Posted by: ppernick | July 30, 2007

Guess what…

The “symptoms”:

  1. Getting sick frequently.  I’ve been feeling quite nauseous recently.  I’ve even gotten sick at work a couple times.  Unfortunately, getting sick leads to headaches and headaches lead to migraines – which make me sick to my stomach.  *sigh*
  2. Easily Tired.  Doesn’t take much at all.  Doesn’t help that I’m not sleeping well either.  We spent the other day at Ari’s company picnic and that just wiped me out.  We did a bit of walking and it was quite muggy out, but I was useless for the rest of the evening.  Doesn’t help that if I lay down on the floor (or on the bed) Simeon takes that to mean I’m ready to be his personal jungle gym.
  3. Spontaneous nosebleeds.  Went to Lake Chelan this past weekend.  Air conditioned house and hot, dry weather outside made for the perfect atmosphere for my nose to leak red.  At least I didn’t feel as nauseous as I have been lately.  Oh wait, that returned again this morning :(.  I think I actually prefer the spontaneous nosebleeds – at least those passed pretty quickly.

The limitations:

  1. No drinking.  While I don’t have much problem giving up beer or hard liqour (I don’t drink much of either anyway), I do miss a nice glass of wine with dinner.
  2. Reduction of caffeine intake.  Luckily this is pretty easy for me.  I think caffeine stopped providing pep for me while still in college.  Though I did discover a few years ago that I will definitely feel myself coming down from the high when I drink a triple tall mocha after a long lack of sleep.
  3. No extreme sports.  Not that I have any current intentions to go sky diving or bungee jumping.  On the little less extreme side, even bicycling and horseback riding are getting to be off limits.  I’ve told my softball captain I need to play outfield if I can make it to the game.

Any idea?  Give up?

The answer:

I’m about 11 weeks along and due beginning of February.  Too early to find out gender.


  1. B’shaah tovah! We’re very happy for you.

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