Posted by: ppernick | June 21, 2007

Moving on up

A few weeks ago Simeon moved up to the Blue room.  Same schedule and moving with a number of others in his room made for a very quick and painless transition[1].  The Blue room is all about independence.  Picking up after himself, starting to use the toilet, drinking out of a cup and using utensils…

Ari and I met with the head teacher of the Blue room during Simeon’s transition week.  She explained that they aren’t really potty training, but introducing the toilet – giving the kids an opportunity to go in the potty but not forcing anything.  After our meeting, I went out and bought a seat for him and have offered it before bathtime every night.  He did wonderfully the first two nights (even with success the first night).  However, ever since then he stiffens and crosses his legs in refusal.  Things are apparently going much better at the daycare.  He’s been successful multiple times this week (once with a dry diaper).  It seems his big source of frustration is also solved – he can now get off the daycare toilet by himself.

We’re also working on reinforcing independence at home in other ways.  He now takes his plate to the dinner table and picks things up off the floor (although the latter, unsurprisingly, requires several requests from the parents).

He’s also started a new behavior – blowing kisses.  Last week I was walking out of the daycare with another mother and her daughter.  Rather than the normal goodbye, I saw him blow a kiss.  Being directly behind him, I had to ask if that’s what he did, but he does it much more regularly now – CUTE!

[1] Not only was the transition easy, but as the teacher said in our meeting “he can hold his own”.  Simeon is not only one of the youngest, but I was reminded the other morning that he’s one of the smallest in the class.  Regardless of that, he seems to have the attention of the other kids.  When we walk into the room one or two kids have a toy ready for him.  If he puts down a toy, somebody will hand it right back to him.  I haven’t seen him be rough with anybody or heard that he’s being a bully.  Which means he’s already figured out how to manipulate others with his cuteness…*sigh* I’m in trouble.


  1. Yes, I am ready to help you, Just tell me what I have to do? Thanks..

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