Posted by: ppernick | May 30, 2007

W, X, Y and Z…next time won't you sing with me

New wonders in the world of Simeon:


That is – “No” is now part of Simeon’s expanding vocabulary. 

No doesn’t always mean no, however.  You have to listen to his enunciation.  Nuh – generally means yes.  No! (short and very clear) and a push of the hands makes it quite clear what he means.

This goes along beautifully with his growing…um…determination.

Last night was Simeon’s first temper tantrum (in part, because Ari or I usually give in before it can go too far).  Simeon wanted to hear the Dancing Bear song[1].  Having gotten him to say and sign “please” repeatedly a day or two earlier (and I do mean repeatedly…I’m pretty sure we played that song 20 or 30 times), I kneeled down and asked him to say please.  He didn’t want to.  Eventually this turned into a very upset little boy laying on the floor crying his lungs out for a few minutes.  While we never did play the song again last night, I am happy to say he did say please (after a couple promptings) when he wanted to hear the song this morning.


Another addition to the vocabulary that gets uttered whenever he drops something.  Purposely or not.  It’s just so darned cute too.


Ball was one of Simeon’s first words.  Unfortunately, he seems to think that if it’s round it must be a ball.  I picked out a beautiful little watermelon when last at Trader Joe’s.  Luckily the grocery store doesnt have a “you break it you buy it” policy.  Simeon discovered watermelons don’t bounce.

[1] My in-laws gave Simeon a gift subscription to Ladybug magazine.  Each month they highlight a different song – displaying the lyrics and sheet music.  They have started posting the songs online and Simeon loves to dance along.

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