Posted by: ppernick | April 23, 2007

Something to talk about

I guess one positive for the American Idol phenom, was his help in thinking of a good blog title for this post.

I haven’t posted a Simeon update for awhile and he’s done a lot of things recently:

He knows Cracker, Stop, Ball and More (though most specifically in terms of more food).  Along these lines are a couple of signs (sign language signs) he’s picked up. Although it isn’t the official sign, when he says stop he claps his hands together once. And last night we discovered he knows the sign for eat – as evidenced at dinner when he said ‘ma ma’ and put his fingertips to his mouth.

Outdoor activities: 
Not too long ago, Ari put together a little tricycle for Simeon.  It has 3 ‘modes’.  Tricycle with pedals, tricycle with footstand and parent pushes, or you fold the handle underneath and it rocks in place.  Simeon loves riding it.  He’s getting tall enough that he should be able to start pedalling on his own soon.

He also loves the slide!  This weekend, while Ari was out biking, I took Simeon to a nearby playground.  He jumped on to his little tricycle and I pushed him down the alley to the playground. This particular playground is wonderful for both of us.  I can just sit and watch while Simeon climbs up and slides back down without any help!

I copied an idea of D’s.  Ari, Simeon and I spent an evening with D&J a couple weeks ago.  That day, D picked up a presentation size pad of paper that sets up as an easel.  The boys loved coloring on it.  So, last week I got one for our house.  I need to pick up some washable markers, but for now Simeon uses some colored pencils that I have.

He also loves to climb on things.  Last week Ari and I were in the kitchen when I looked over and saw Simeon looking over the couch.  The boy managed to walk around and climb onto the couch by himself.  Uh-oh.

He’s also quite good at understanding that we use remote controls to operate the television.  He picks up a remote, holds it towards the tv (thankfully backwards most of the time) and tries to push buttons.

Today is his 18-month checkup.  Quite curious to see how much he weighs now.


  1. He is doing great I see. I just looked at some of his pictures. Hope all is well. Great to hear from you the other week.

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