Posted by: ppernick | February 28, 2007

Someone who'll watch over me

Tuesday night is my game night.  After work, Simeon and I meet Ari at a sushi place before going next door to play games.  Tonite, I got there before Ari and stopped in to say hi to people – noting I’d be back in 45 minutes or so.  30-45 minutes later, I pay for dinner and go next door, only to find the group started a 2-3 hour game only 15 minutes earlier (too late to join, and too early to wait for another game).  I ask Ari to take Simeon and I follow him out of the parking lot, a bit upset and disappointed.

Until I get past Issaquah, that is.  It’s snowing.  Huge flakes.  Directly into the windshield. Making it very difficult for me to see the road.  I’m going 20 miles under the speed limit the rest of the way home.  Considering I’ve been worried about the front alignment of my car this last week, I’m pretty nervous driving on the interstate.  Get even more nervous as I head up the last hill to my house and find the snow is sticking (amazingly more-so on the parkway than in the alley behind the house).

Thank goodness they started the game without me.

Thank goodness Simeon was the safer car.

Here’s hoping that I can at least go to work tomorrow.  Simeon can go to daycare and I can keep my appointment for an alignment check. 

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