Posted by: ppernick | February 20, 2007


Weekend before last, while Ari and I were solving puzzles, Simeon spent the weekend with D&J.  I was quite nervous the night before – mostly about how the night would go…

  • First time being away from mommy and daddy overnight
  • Hadn’t slept well the previous couple nights
  • Wouldn’t be sleeping somewhere very familiar
  • Wakes himself up in his crib because he tosses and turns so much – the pack ‘n play is much smaller
  • Discovered Saturday morning he was getting a new tooth
  • He really started to walk a few days before

As I figured, my worries were for naught.  He did get upset a couple times when he realized mommy and daddy had still not returned, but overall he had a good time.  Although during the week, the boys are on relatively the same eat and nap schedule, the weekend always throws things off.  In some respects it worked out for the better – D only had to worry about one boy at a time.  In some respects, it made it a bit more difficult – she didn’t really get any downtime.

What did help (or so I hope) is that Simeon goes to sleep 2 hours later than J, so D didn’t have to try and get the boys down at the same time.  And, as I mentioned, there was no need to worry – though a couple of my warnings did help.  I pointed out his new tooth and mentioned the pack ‘n play may end up too confining and wake him up.  Between a dose of tylenol before going to sleep and bringing him into bed with her after he woke himself up, the night went pretty smoothly.

I think the weekend together was great for the boys.  J got to be big brother and Simeon had somebody to encourage his development.  Since that weekend, Simeon is almost always on two feet rather than crawling around.  In fact, he’s even standing up from a sitting position without assistance from animate or inanimate objects.  He also now prefers to eat with utensils rather than his hands.  Usually this means mommy helps him stab a piece of food, Simeon then eats the piece and immediately holds out his fork and says ‘ma’.  Not sure if he’s saying mama or more, but I know he’s expecting me to stab the next piece of food for him. 

The weekend came to a close when Ari and I picked Simeon up around noonish on Sunday.  When we finally started heading out to the car, we all said goodbye and J had this very sad look on his face.  How cute is that?

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