Posted by: ppernick | August 8, 2006

Back to Reality

J’s visit ended this weekend.  It ended on a sore note…after 3 hours of kayaking around Harbor Island my shoulders were sore, my back was sore, and my arms were burnt.  It was great hosting her and I hope she had fun.  Now it’s back to some semblance of normalcy – at least for a week.  End of next week we’re off to New York for my cousin’s wedding and to visit both sides of the family – definately going to be a busy trip.  I just hope the temperature comes down a little.

Part of the new normal, is a change in Tuesday activities.  At least for the next couple months and most likely going forward. Having agreed to join D for a triathalon, I have started swimming laps at the Pro Club on Tuesdays.  However, I still need to figure out how to get more than one day a week of training in.  A coworker offered his jogging stroller when I was pregnant, so I think I’m going to talk to him about that this week.  Then, on the days when I come straight home, I’ll spend some days jogging with him and some days leaving him with daddy while I go biking around the neighborhood. 

However, I do need to figure out how to go back to gaming one night a week.  Ari wants to start his Tu/Th bike rides again. While I’m training, that’s easy – in fact, I take advantage of it and spend some time with Simeon in the family pool – he love’s the water! I like the idea of continuing the Tuesday night swiming with him, but don’t want to permanently give up games.  I also don’t want Ari to give up using the vanpool 3 times a week – especially with gas so high right now.  Ari and I definitely need to figure this one out together. 

Simeon Stuff
He’s got 2 teeth, but you wouldn’t know it with his tounge always sticking out.  Yawning or laughing is the only way to get him to show them…and then only briefly.  I’m still waiting for him to start waking up at night.  I was talking to another mother as I was heading into the daycare one morning who confirmed what I heard from somebody else – the first tooth is usually not too bad, but they start getting fussy with the rest of them. 

While I’m updating, I have to share what I, as a proud mother, consider an act of brilliance on the part of my son. 

I generally give Simeon a toy or two to keep him occupied in his car seat should he stay awake on the ride.  This morning was one of those days when he stayed awake the entire 45 minute drive to work.  He was very happy to have his ladybug toy (given to us by D & J) which consists of a ladybug and a couple other items connected to a ring.  I had not even gotten halfway to work when Simeon was getting quite upset.  After glancing back a couple times, I finally noticed the ladybug ring was around Simeon’s leg and he was very frustrated that he couldn’t raise it to his mouth.  I was looking for a good exit, even considering just pulling onto the shoulder of the Interstate when I looked back to find a less frustrated boy with the toy near his ankle and concentrating on getting it around his foot.  Moments later I heard a happy boy playing with his toy again.

How cool is that?!  At 9 months old he not only understood why he couldn’t get the toy up to his mouth, but even figured out how to fix the problem.  My boy is a genius! 🙂

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