Posted by: ppernick | July 25, 2006

Fun, busy, hot weekend

Don’t know how high it reached yesterday, but I saw 99 degrees on Saturday.  And what better way to stay cool then spend a lot of time in the water.

Saturday, while Ari helped a friend bike shop, I took Simeon to the Pro Club for some swimming in the nice heated pool.  Then, Ari called and asked if I was interested in joining B&B and their friend at a nearby beach.  Who am I to argue with more water…so Ari showed up, I changed back into my suit and we headed out to Issaquah.  I agreed to join D in a triathalon in September, so I spent a little time practicing…I think I managed to swim 2/5th of a half mile…boy do I have my work cut out for me.  B noted she was interested in swimming, so I might change my tuesday activity for a bit in order to not drown in September.  After beach time, B&B came over for a nice dinner and some relaxing…we left the lights out all night in hopes the house would seem a little cooler.

Sunday, I was just crazy.  After spending 3 hours playing softball in the hot sun (and winning both games!), I came home tired and with a headache…but I couldn’t say no to this hike.  So, I took some medicine and napped in the car.  4 miles and 1700 feet later (well, 1300…but that’s after getting up to 1700 and coming back down) the group of us were taking our turns swimming in Snow Lake.  The cold spots were really cold, but it was worth it.  The shallow water was warm and the water was so refreshingly cool once I got past the initial shock.  It was getting dark when we got back to the car, but my headache was pretty much gone.  I did take more medicine before going to sleep and I woke up tired but headache-free.

I see Ari posted pictures.  Wow…only 149 pictures from the hike.

Tegan Time
Tegan is brave and crazy or just getting old.  She’ll walk right up and watch Simeon.  Then, Simeon will see her and start scooting toward her as quickly as he can.  She doesn’t always move unless I pick her up.  I’m trying to teach Simeon to pet, but he’s at the grab and pull stage. Once he reaches out it’s understandably difficult to convince Tegan to stay around while I move his hand in a petting motion. She hasn’t hissed yet…so that’s good. 

Simeon Stuff
9-month check up was this afternoon.  I knew it was coming, but never received a phone call so I didn’t realize it was today.  They only called because I hadn’t changed the appointment and our regular doctor is out until end of August.  So, instead, we saw a pediatrician new to the office (as recent as the last couple weeks).  I think I’m going to continue taking him to her – not only did I like her, but I’ve been considering looking for a pediatrician anyway.

All is looking good.  He’s gained more weight the last couple weeks and I feel more comfortable than I have been.  He’s now 17lbs 2 oz. and 2′ 3.5″.  If I remember correctly, I think it’s around a 5% gain since 3 weeks ago.  The doctor also found his first tooth poking through.  Ari said he woke up a little last night (I was so tired I didn’t even hear it).  I’ve been trying to look recently, but he’s very good at hiding his bottom gums.

Well, I’m supposed to be sleeping so I can get out of the house in a timely fashion in the morning…until later.


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