Posted by: ppernick | July 21, 2006

Quiet couple of weeks

I seem to be getting really behind…not that a lot has happened in the last couple weeks.  In fact, I can’t think of anything specific to really mention.  I guess the one nice thing was that our friend, C, was kind enough to offer to babysit for us.  Ari and I left Simeon in the care of C and K last friday and got to spend a night out.  We had dinner at Pomegranate (new for me) and then went to see the Al Gore movie ‘An Inconvient Truth’.  What I saw of it was good and informative…unfortunately, a long day and a quiet, dark theater provided a nice sleeping environment.

Another positive is that we finally purchased our tickets for New York in August (not a time of year I would normally recommend for a New York visit, but for family…).  We managed to get decent price for 2 non-stop flights – getting in Thursday afternoon and leaving Tuesday afternoon.  I definitely learned from last time…non-stop means no switching airlines and if our luggage gets lost there are probably other issues that need to be looked at first.

Tegan Time
Tegan managed to get me good early this week.  She was happy when I started brushing her, but then I hit a nasty spot.  It’s kind of interesting the way you can see the stretch of her paw in the scratch marks.

Simeon Stuff
Still not quite crawling, but he is definately able to move fast.  He’s also very close to feeding himself.  He’ll pick up piece of cereal and try to put it in his mouth, but he holds it in a fist and has trouble letting go.

We do have newer pictures…just have to get them off the cameras.  Hopefully we can take care of that this weekend.

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