Posted by: ppernick | April 20, 2006

Cute things not to forget

Tegan Time
When we finally got to the house Sunday afternoon, Ari was not feeling well…lack of sleep and passover food led to a nasty headache and he was headed to bed even before I was finished getting out of the car.  Apparently, Tegan missed us while we were gone and took to vigorously washing his hair and rubbing her chin on his head.  The love of a cat can be so sweet :).

Simeon Stuff
When I checked on Simeon in the afternoon of his first day of daycare, he was laying down and eating.  As he looked over and saw me, his eyes started to twinkle and he got this huge smile on his face.  I can’t even begin to express in words how wonderful that felt.

Yesterday, after picking Simeon up from daycare, he managed to stay awake in the car.  I had a couple stops to make, and as we were getting close to stop number one he was beginning to fuss a little.  Then, just a few moments later, he stopped.  I looked in the mirror and noticed that instead of playing with any of the toys within reach, he was looking down focused on the seatbelt buckle and rubbing his finger over the button.  I swear this kid knows what he needs to do to unbuckle the belt and just doesn’t have the strength to push that button in.

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