Posted by: ppernick | April 17, 2006

Simeon News

Ari, Simeon and I made it back from our Kansas City trip and I figure it’s about time to update.  Since there’s quite a bit, I’ll split things up between posts.  I’ll even be kind and start with the reason most people actually look at my blog…

Simeon Stuff
Sitting up:  I have already posted this, but he is sitting by himself as long as somebody helps him up.  He has great balance…until he leans too far forward.  Then he does a face plant, pulls his legs out from underneath him and gets a little tummy time.

Movement:  He hasn’t gotten the hang of forward motion yet, but he can go in circles and scoot backwards.  Of course, going backwards isn’t quite the intention.  Daddy was holding out a toy to him and after attempting to scoot closer and reach the toy, Simeon wound up a few inches further away and let us know his frustration.  ‘HEY…why are you being so mean?  why did you move the toy away?’

Pulling up:  The boy has strength.  Give him a finger for each hand and a tiny bit of help and he loves to be standing up.  Amazingly, he does most of the pushing to stand up by himself.  He’d love to go from laying down to standing up in one motion, but I’m forcing him to get to the sitting position first – and hoping he’ll prefer to stay sitting for a few minutes.

Teething:  I swear this boy is going to gum my finger off.  With the amount of force Simeon can chomp on my finger without teeth, I’m starting to worry about the whole teeth and breastfeeding thing.  He has started to enjoy chomping on a pacifier, well…actually he enjoys chomping on anything right now.  He still refuses to suck on a pacifier.

Well…I think that covers the basics.  I’ll add a new picture once we upload our KC pictures.

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