Posted by: ppernick | March 9, 2006

Simeon's Gift

About a week ago, Ari was in half-price bookstore and saw a children’s book whose main character was named Simeon.  Unfortunately, when telling me about it later, he couldn’t remember the author, or the exact name of the book.  I thought the idea of having this book was too good to pass up (how many children’s books – or any book for that matter – feature a Simeon?), so when we were back a day or two later, I just kept scanning the shelves in hopes of finding it.  Eventually, I gave up and vowed to look it up online.  After a little searching on Amazon, I found it and bought it used!  Simeon’s Gift by Julie Andrews.  It even came with a CD – featuring Julie Andrews as the reader. 

A synopsis as posted on Amazon:

Convinced that his “lowly status” and the “simplicity of his art” will never provide more than a “meager existence” for his beloved, minstrel Simeon sets out on a fairy tale-like quest to free the music “deep in his soul.” He encounters a veritable symphony of new sounds on his pilgrimage–the insistent beat of soldiers’ drums, the harmonic chanting of monks, the general cacophony of a big city–but sadly, this barrage of new sounds bewilders and overwhelms Simeon, who feels his own attempts at song suffer in comparison. Lonely and weary, he abandons his quest and trades his lute for a canoe to take him home. On the way, Simeon befriends a bright little bird, a beautiful fish, and lovely fawn who become his companions. Heartened by his new friends and overjoyed to see his beloved Sorrel, Simeon breaks into song and discovers the music of his soul.

Tegan Time
Um…I still feel the need to add something, though there isn’t much to say. 

Simeon Stuff
Ari and Ian took Simeon to the Women’s Center recently and weighed — 13 lbs 6 ounces!  Definitely growing…we estimate it to be about 5 ounces a week.  Apparently after 3 months, 3 ounces a week is good, so I’m really happy.

I’m beginning to wonder if the boy is teething – tho 4.5 months seems to be extremely early.  Symptoms include: slobbering and blowing bubbles (for at least 3 weeks now); crying for no other apparent reason; chewing on fingers instead of sucking on them.

I’m also beginning to wonder if Ari and I should start introducing a few solids.  The doctor said something about it at his last checkup – though we initially thought it was because he’d be 6 months by the next visit.  However…one couple in the playgroup started at 4 months 1 week after the doctor said they were classified as a “family with low risks of allergies”.  Since I am currently no where close to keeping up with his demands during the day (and actually getting further and further from those demands1), maybe starting to introduce solids will help keep him satisfied.

1 Hopefully this is only due to the current stress at work and will get back to normal once I have additional help and meet my deadlines.

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