Posted by: ppernick | February 22, 2006

1001 days and counting…

So a few weeks ago I saw posted on Daily Dose of Denise a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I thought it was a nifty idea and decided to do the same.  I was hoping to get it on it’s own web page so it would be easy to modify as I complete things, and get a nice countdown of days display before I posted it.  However, it’s time to stop procrastinating – especially since it means I won’t count anything I’ve done before today.  Below is my list…I’ve already thought of things to change or add, so I just need to post it before i change it anymore. 

1 Netmeeting with each set of grandparents 2x per month
2 Call a long-distance friend each week
3 Call a local friend each week
4 Call one family member (other than parents) once a week
5 Host a friend for dinner once per month
6 Send cards for all holidays/birthdays for a year
7 Go out on a date with Ari 10x 6x
8 Take Simeon out of daycare for fun 5x
9 Get Tegan a new, pristine litterbox
10 Write a letter / postcard 10x 8x
11 Get a professional family picture
12 Complete and send grandma brag books
13 Finish sending announcements/thank yous
14 Go to synagogue 35x 28x
15 Read Torah 5x
16 Help organize block bbq
17 Attend neighborhood event 2x 1x
18 Host playgroup event
19 Start Chaverah group
20 Host each of our immediate neighbors (4 neighbors)
21 Help organize a girls’ night out
22 Have Shabbat dinner once a month for 6 months
23 Meet 4 3 new people/families in the neighborhood
24 Volunteer for a charity
25 Level the backyard
26 Get the furnace serviced
27 Get a hot tub or a sprinkler system
28 Repaint the guest bedroom
29 Paint/touchup the stairwell walls
30 Fill display hutch in dining room
31 Go through boxes in bathroom/closet
32 Clean out / straighten garage
33 Do 30 minutes of housework everyday for 1 month
34 Hang mezuzot for dining room, nursery and master bedroom
35 Hang Chuppah
36 Get rest of bedroom set or new living room set
37 Use 10 7 new recipies
38 Cover / secure cable in great room
39 Hang one new picture in every room/area of house (a few pictures are up around the house)
40 Put together and hang a shadowbox
41 Put away laundry right after folding it for 1 month
42 Go through wardrobe and get rid of clothes not worn for more than 1 year
43 Catch up with all filing
44 Create a site launch calendar viewable by coworkers
45 Take a database design class
46 Automate site checks via scripting (slight change…automate test cases, and this is in progress :)) (not quite done, but not happening anymore either)
47 Come up with a better system for organizing email
48 Take a project management class
49 Learn SQL
50 Drink only water for a month 3x
51 Drink at least 2 liters of water a day for a month 3x
52 Go to a spinning class 2 days/week for a month 3x
53 Go swimming 2 days/week for a month 3x (closer, I’ve been going once a week)
54 Bike 100 miles
55 Bike an event (i.e. Chilly Hilly)
56 Get a massage 5x
57 Highlight my hair 2x 1x
58 Get my nails done 3x 2x
59 Get back into martial arts
60 Take a Yoga/Pilates class for 3 months
61 Take a bubble bath
62 Put money into Roth IRA
63 Move money in Roth to funds/stocks
64 Take care of Travelzoo stock
65 Finance 529 for Simeon
66 Find 3 2 new ways to save money
67 Move Wachovia stuff to Fidelity
68 Play at least 10 softball games
69 Go horseback riding 2x
70 Complete one large cross-stitch piece or 3 small pieces (started a piece)
71 Make one scrapbook
72 Eat at 10 5 new restaurants (i’ve decided to be more picky about what counts)
73 Go to the theater 5x
74 Go to the symphony 3x
75 Go to 5 museums
76 Host a gaming day
77 Read / Listen to 35 15 books (I’ve lost count, but I go through a lot)
78 Watch 35 33 movies
79 Go skiing/snowshoeing at a new mountain
80 Go sledding with Simeon 2x
81 Go to a Torah study class
82 Poll friends for and see top 10 must-see movies
83 Poll friends for and read top 10 must-read books
84 Purchase a laptop
85 Purchase a digital wallet device
86 Finish customizing blog layout on
87 Learn Visual Studio .NET
88 Update (picture links modified)
89 Subscibe and read 10 RSS feeds / blogs
90 Go out of the country (Canada or cruise does not count)
91 Take weekend trips 10x 8x
92 Go camping
93 Go to Florida
94 Go on a cruise
95 Go to Leavenworth
96 Go to New York
97 Go to 2 new states
98 Visit both sets of parents 2x (visited Kansas 1x)
99 Go hiking on new trails 10x 5x
100 Go to Whistler
101 Go to the Tulip Festival

List last updated: 12/14/2006
1001 days ends:

There is easily more to do…and some of these are hopefully just the start of an ongoing habit.  Good place to start though.

Tegan Time
Apparently I didn’t clean Simeon well enough last night.  As I was getting him clothed, Tegan stopped by, took a whiff of his hair and completed the job for me.  Too cute :).

Simeon Stuff
He laughs!!  Heard it first on Saturday or Sunday and he laughed again today.  It’s so cute. He’s also so close to rolling over, as I mentioned before.  If he only knew what to do with the arm he rolls towards.

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