Posted by: ppernick | February 14, 2006


I did it again.  I woke up in the middle of the night and the first message to reach my brain was: “Baby is crying.”  Crying at this time of night means hunger, so, I go to his room.  Just as I’m sitting down with him, the next message hits my brain:  “Bladder is full.”  Doh!  At this point, I’ve already enticed Simeon with his midnight snack and putting him down will only cause him to wail – louder than when he initially woke me.  The stand-off begins…who will last longer.  There have been times when I eventually have to bring him in to daddy for cuddling while my bladder gets some R&R.  Lately, I’m finding I’m able to wait, and sometimes even manage to forget again…until the next time I wake up and my brain hears “Baby is crying.”
It’s been awhile since I haven’t gone right back to sleep after feeding Simeon.  It’s also been awhile since I’ve updated, so I figure I’ll use the time wisely.
My mom went back home on Sunday.  We actually have to wash our own dishes again.  Before she left, Ari and I actually managed to go on a date Saturday night – an early Valentine’s Day dinner of sorts.  Neither one of us had time to get anything for each other, but at least we were able to use free babysitting services :).  We had a nice dinner at The Iris Grill in Issaquah then spent some time at the book store. I originally wanted to try to go to a movie, but considering how quickly we tired it wouldn’t have been worth it.  Or maybe it would have — pay for 2 hours of decent sleep?
Now it’s Ari’s turn at home with Simeon.  I think he’s pretty lucky.  Simeon is responding to outside stimuli and able to interact with people now.  We still have to be careful taking him out in public, but that will soon be a non-issue as well.   
Tegan Time
She is craving attention.  I do try to give her as much attention as possible – outside of yelling at her to stop scratching the couch.  Tonite she is hovering over me as I type, waiting for me to stop.  She was also being the dutiful Simeon guardian tonite.  Found her way up to his changing pad when I was feeding him after his bath, and then made sure nothing was getting through the cracked door during his 4am feeding.  I really need to find the badge holder again (the kind with the retractable string…).  It’s actually something she will play with for more than 2 seconds and more than once.
Simeon Stuff
It’s amazing how quickly infants recover from things such as surgery.  3 weeks ago he was having surgery. And even as early as last week Simeon has been trying with all his might to turn over onto this tummy.  He’s getting close too…it’s that last hip motion he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet.  And unfortunately he does not have the patience to try very long.  There are times he is content just laying on his side and trying to swallow his entire fist (or both).  Other times, when he’s actively trying to roll over, he gets to his side tries once or twice then cries in frustration  We were told not to put him down for tummy time for 2-4 weeks, but if he rolled over on his own he would let us know if he were in pain.  Ari and I have helped him with the final motion to roll over once or twice, and even though he seems to be quite happy, I’m still nervous and stand over him – refusing to budge until I think he’s ready to flip back over or somebody else is right there to watch.
Well, this is more than I expected to write, but at least it’s an update :).  Now, do I have time for any more sleep…

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